Knight Armor Process and Extras

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Painting medieval armor and capturing metal properly is hard, but it's foundational to any fantasy/sci fi character you create. It takes a lot of practice and studies to conquer it! I'll help you build the confidence you need as we do a painting study together using a reference photo. I go over my techniques and insight as you observe my process from start to finish. I also give you all the materials to get started and plenty of armor reference to do more studies on your own!

Skill level: Basic understanding of painting in Photoshop required.

Requirements: Photoshop CC, Drawing tablet (Wacom, etc.), Mac or PC

What's included:

2 hour process video [2x speed] (RH_knight_study_1.mp4)

.PSD project file (RH_knight_study_1.psd)

.JPG Photo reference (knight_study_1.jpg)

.JPG project file (RH_knight_study_1.jpg)

.PSD setup file (setup.psd)

Photoshop brushes, tools, and hotkeys (

102 hi-res knight armor reference photos (1.4GB!) (

Note: I do not go over basic fundamentals. I go straight into painting knight armor, so keep that in mind!

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2 hour process video, PSD project file, .JPG Photo reference, .PSD setup file, Photoshop brushes, tools, and hotkeys, 102 hi-res knight armor reference photos


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Knight Armor Process and Extras

8 ratings
I want this!